eDeclaration is a product of Squares Solutions Company. Although eDeclaration has no expiration, any organizations or companies are required to pay one off registration or license fee for their users under the eDeclaration User Agreement. Once the license fee is paid, a license key will be sent out via email. Please visit www.squaressolutions.com.au for registration details.


To run the eDeclaration, your computer must meet the following minimum requirements:
- A Pentium 200 MHz (megahertz) processor or equivalent with 16 MB (megabytes) of RAM (random access memory) and 25 MB free hard disk space minimum
- Screen Setting
Screen Area: 800 by 600 pixels
Color: True Color
- Microsoft Windows 2000 or Windows XP operating system or up
- Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 or up

Installation Instructions

The application can be set up in the following steps:
  1. Unzip the package into a folder.
  2. Open the folder.
  3. Double click on eDecAdmin.exe,
  4. Modify eDeclaration document. The document is in html format.
  5. Modify eDeclaration.ini.
  6. Distribute the folder to wherever you want.
  7. Run PCConfig.exe on the workstation.

    e.g. Z:\PCConfig.exe Z:\companyfiles\apps\edeclaration\eDeclaration.exe, Z:\companyfiles\users\edeclaration\ Or just double click on the eDeclaration.exe or modify the supplied setReg.bat and place it to a Windows Login Script or a Netware Login Script.

    The process will set eDeclaration.exe location to the value of LoGonWindow in Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run section of the windows Registry.

    Run PCConfig.exe on the PC and check the USERNAME_eDecChk.log in the same folder to see whether it has been set up. If the log has similar details to the following, eDeclaration has been set up. e.g. USERNAME,6/08/2008 9:07:23 AM,Z:\companyfiles\apps\edeclaration\eDeclaration.exe

  8. Once the application is set up, it will run every time after a specified period passes.
  9. If the user accepts the policy, a declaration record will be saved in a file called UserName_declaration.
  10. If there is any missing Visual Basic run time libraries when eDeclaration is being launched, please run vbrun60sp6.exe in the vbSetup folder inside the eDeclaration folder.
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