eDeclaration User Agreement

1.  This is an agreement between Squares Solutions Company and Licensee, who is being licensed to use the named eDeclaration.

2.  Licensee acknowledges that this is only a limited nonexclusive license.  Squares Solutions Company is and remains the owner of all titles, rights, and interests in the eDeclaration.

3.  This License permits Licensee to install the eDeclaration on more than one computer or one server, Licensee must ensure that the number of computers or users does not exceed the total licenses specified in this document.  Licensee will not make copies of the eDeclaration or allow copies of the eDeclaration to be made by others, unless authorized by this License Agreement.  Licensee may make copies of the eDeclaration for backup purposes only. 

4. The eDeclaration is subject to a limited warranty for a period of thirty (30) days from the date of the eDeclaration installation. This limited warranty extends only to Licensee specified in this document. No agent of Squares Solutions Company is authorized to make any other warranties or to modify this limited warranty. The eDeclaration is provided AS IS. Squares Solutions Company under this limited warranty will fix defects of the eDeclaration. In no event does Squares Solutions Company warrant that the eDeclaration is error free or that Licensee will be able to operate the eDeclaration without problems or interruptions.

5. Squares Solutions Company reserves the right to upgrade, enhance, change, and modify the eDeclaration at any time in its sole discretion; provided, however, Squares Solutions Company shall have no obligation to make any such enhancement. Squares Solutions Company reserves the right to charge an "upgrade license" fee for new versions of the eDeclaration that include new or improved functionality. Any enhancements made available to Licensee by Squares Solutions Company , if any, will be subject to the terms of this Agreement, except to the extent that conflicting or more restrictive provisions are agreed upon in future Agreements relating to such enhancements.

6. Licensee agrees to defend, indemnify and hold Squares Solutions Company and its employees harmless from and against all claims, losses, liabilities, damages, complaints, or expenses connected with or resulting from Licensee's business operations.

7. Squares Solutions Company has the right to terminate this License Agreement and Licensee's right to use the eDeclaration upon any material breach by Licensee.

8. Licensee agrees to return the eDeclaration to Squares Solutions Company or to destroy all copies of the eDeclaration upon termination of the License.

9. This License Agreement is the entire and exclusive agreement between Squares Solutions Company and Licensee regarding the eDeclaration.  This License Agreement replaces and supersedes all prior negotiations, dealings, and agreements between Squares Solutions Company and Licensee regarding the eDeclaration. 

10. This License Agreement is governed by the law of the state and the country where the eDeclaration is installed. 

11.This License Agreement is valid without Squares Solutions Company's signature.  It becomes effective upon the earlier of Licensee's signature or Licensee's use of the eDeclaration.

Squares Solutions Company

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