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Software Registration

Our products are shareware, we recommend you to try our products first before you decide to buy.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee
We are so sure you will enjoy using our software. We will do whatever we can to satisfy your needs. We will refund your purchase price via Paypal within 30 days if you can provide a reasonable reason. Since you will already be in possession of the software with the registration key, completion of a brief "Certificate of Destruction" is required, and your purchase price will be cheerfully refunded, less a small 10% fee to cover the costs of the online transaction with our e-commerce partner Paypal.

Shareware vs. Registered Software
The shareware version of the software has the same functionality or features as the registered one. You don't need to download and install the software again if the same version of the shareware has been used. You just need to enter the registration key with your name and order number in the Software Register window associated with the shareware.

How to register
Official PayPal Seal We use PayPal facility to receive your payment. PayPal is a dependent payment system. Your credit card details will be protected and we will never know your credit card details at all. You can visit PayPal for more information.

If the payment is accepted, an order number and a registration key will be sent to you via an email in one hour or two. Once you have received the email, you need to run the Software Register to enter your registration information. The Software Register can be launched when you start the shareware version of our software. The register process requires your name, the order number and the registration key. That is simple!

If the registration key fails to send you or you still have problem with the registration, please contact us immediately. We will help you as soon as possible. You need to keep the registration key and the order number for register in case you have reinstall the software again.


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