Easy Shopping List

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This is a typical vegetarian shopping list for a family every eight weeks. You can print it by clicking on the Prepare button. This list can be in your smartphone once you download Shoppingmate Android

Eight Week Vegetarian Shopping List

BeerBaked BeansButter
Cake MixCanned anchoviesCanned beans
Canned TomatoesCerealCheese
CoffeeCooking oilDeoderant
Dishwasher TabletsDried pastaFrozen Corn
Frozen french friesFlourFoil Wrap
MushroomsOnionsPaper Towels
PastaPeanut ButterPeanuts
PineapplePotatoesRed Wine
RiceSalad DressingSalt
Sandwich BagsShampooSugar
TeaToilet CleanersToilet Paper
Tooth BrushToothpasteVinegar
Washing LiquidWashing PowderWrap Cling
Yeast Custom Items:(separated with commas. e.g. Battery,Insect Spray)
You can do the following with the list:
Select all itmes if you want to buy all items.
Clear selection of all items first and select what you want buy.
Please prepare the list and then print it. Go shopping with Shoppingmate!