Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions are important to you and everyone would like to ask these questions. We hope the answers will help you. If not, please contact us.

Why should I use Shoppingmate
"One trick, says Effie, is to be prepared and a shopping list is one of the valuable tools to stop you from buying things you don't really need. But once you're at the supermarket, however, Effie suggests you consider the impact of product placement on your shopping habits. For instance, why is the fruit and vegetable section is generally out the front?" (Quoted from Here are cases where shows why Shoppingmate is usful.

Why should I purchase Shoppingmate
Squares Solutions Company has put great effort on developing Shoppingmate application. Squares Solutions Company will certainly continue to enhance the application.

• Once you register Shoppingmate, it is free for upgrade.

Please go to Download page for the detail of the purchase.

How can I purchase Shoppingmate

  • Click on HERE to go to the Register page.
  • Click on the PayNow image to make a payment on PayPal website. PayPal is a dependent payment system.
  • An email address is needed when you make the payment. Once the payment is accepted, a receipt will be sent to the provided email address immediately.
    After, an order A registration key will be sent you in one or two hours.
  • When you have the registration key, you can run Shoppingmate again and it will ask you to register Shoppingmate.
How can I report bugs in Shoppingmate
  • Check whether the bug has been listed in the bug list. if not, then
  • Check whether you are using the latest version of Shoppingmate. The latest version of Shoppingmate is listed here. if not, then
  • please contact us.
  • Tell us which version of Shoppingmate you are using.
  • Tell us which operating system you are using.
  • Tell us when or where the error occurred. An screen shot will be appreciated.
  • Please give us as much details as you can.
  • Send an email to us with more details.
We will fix any reported bugs as soon as possible. Please check the fix date in the Known Bugs/Errors and Fix Schedule section, and get latest version of Shoppingmate in the download page.