Shopping Strategies with Shoppingmate

Why do we need a shopping list? Here are the reasons:
  1. Rather than struggling to remember what we need, we just write them down on a paper. Ensures we obtain the items that we need.
  2. Control the process of shopping so we know where and how to shop.
  3. Control expenditure or family budget. This seems to become an important issue in our daily as we are facing high price of the grocery and high fuel cost and high rental cost.
Because of these reasons, Shoppingmate is developed as a tool for you to manage your shopping easily. Here are the strategies with Shoppingmate:

Prepare shopping lists for weekly, monthly or occasion and save them in Shoppingmate.

Plan Before Shopping
Open a needed list and check last purchase date and quantity to see whether they need to buy. Cross over unneeded items by pressing the Ctrl key and clicking on the item. New item can be added into the list by just enter new items at the end of the list.
Once all needed items have been checked. Click on the purchase button. All to be purchased item should be in the purchase window.
Update the purchase quantity and cross over unneeded items if there are any. Shoppingmate has ability to tell you whether the item is needed or not.
To check the total cost of the purchase to see how much money will spend. The graph window also gives graphic information about the purchases.
Print the shopping list in a selectable format.

During the shopping:
Write down the purchased quantity and price in the list.
Check things on sale and buy goods on sale against to your shopping list.
Ensure not to purchase those items that are not in the list unless otherwise.

After shopping:
Record the purchased quantity and price of the purchased items. This will be saved in the purchase history. Confirm the purchase once all quantities and prices are correct.

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