Shoppingmate Tips - Show How to Use Shoppingmate

We provide tips for how to use Shoppingmate with screens. If you need any help, please contact us and we will provide tips to show you how to use Shoppingmate.
  1. Set Auto Show Balloon Tips properties
  2. Set Auto Start
  3. Import Recipes
  4. Read Shopping list or Recipes
  5. Unit Price
  6. Update Price
  7. Incompatible Database

  8. Next

Shoppingmate Videos - Show How to Use Shoppingmate

  1. Create a new shopping list  View   Download
  2. Enter shopping item price  View   Download
  3. Update purchase information  View   Download
  4. What need to buy  View   Download
  5. To find what you want easily  View   Download
  6. Speaking shopping list  View   Download
  7. Oops!  View   Download
  8. Set up unit price for shopping items  View   Download
  9. That is useful!  View   Download
  10. Shoppingmate Mobile!  View