Welcome to Wallpaper Easy

WallpaperEasy is a wallpaper manager, a screen saver with more than 40 display patterns and a music player. It is a shareware application developed by us, which will be used for 40 times. Then it needs a register key.
It is free to download

WallpaperEasy is used to manage your desktop wallpaper.

What the application does are:

1. It allocates all image files with BMP, JPG, GIF extensions in the folder where the application locates. The image location can be changed.

2. It copies all BMP image files to a sub folder called images.

3. It coverts and saves all JPG and GIF image files to the BMP image files in the image sub folder.

4. It creates a list all image files available to be selected to wallpaper.

Enjoy using WallpaperEasy!


We provide this application as a shareware. It doesn't contain any advertising materials.

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