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Computer Programming Training for Kids

I have more than 25 years IT experience with mixed Asian and Western education background. I am close to my retirement and so I am willing to provide lessons to aged 10-13 children with my passion over the weekend at this stage.

Lessons have been prepared and their progress will be tailed depending on student's knowledge and ability, time allocation or needs. New lessons will be added accordingly as well. Lesson schedule is listed on this page

The outcome of the lessons will enable student to have:

  1. Basic knowledge of Computer Science.

  2. Basic Computer Programming Skills.

  3. Knowledge of HTML.

  4. Graphics Programming with Javascript.

  5. Logical thinking practice

  6. Creative confidence.

  7. Coding with discipline.

  8. Problem solving skills.

  9. Program debugging skills.

  10. Organizing and Planning Skills and more ...

By using our training lessons with passion about topics, it

ignites the same passion, better interest to the child or children due to discipline and encouragement, and an increase in the likelihood of retention. Individual attention and tutorial are guaranteed. Hopefully, these prevent your child to play too much computer games.

Student must have his/her own computer or laptop.

Student must have basic computer skills such as knowing how to open files or copy and paste etc.

Student should not use two fingers typing, Otherwise extra typing lessons will be provide with cost of normal charges.

All charges will be notified before the booking and they must be paid before the lesson. Cancellation of a lesson less than 12 hours of the lesson will be charged $30. The lessons can be terminated with 24 hours notice any time.

Every lesson is two hours that includes lecturing, tutoring, exercising and solving homework issues.

First 4 lessons is $40 + total of $2 per kilometer of trainer's traveling distance from Monash to your place.

The rest lessons is $60 + total of $2 per kilometer of trainer's traveling distance from Monash to your place.

Note: Tuition fees are subject to annual review.

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