Preparing good computer facility usage policies is important. How to enforce these policies is even more important.

eDeclaration, this is the application that can be used to protect your business or organization.

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eDeclaration 4.20 eDeclaration is not just an application that gets your Computer Facility Usage policies or Electronic Facility Usage policies presented well, but also enforces users to accept these policies before they can use the computer or electronic facilities.


Just after a user has logged on. eDeclaration will display the policies every time after a specified period passes. It forces users to read and accept the policy from time to time.

If the user accepts the policy, the process will unlock the computer and the user will be able to work normally. Otherwise the computer will be forced to shutdown. eDeclaration can be used as a screen saver displaying policies and messages.

A log file will record the user name, time and whether the user has accepted the policy or not. The user name can be passed as a parameter or gotten from the Windows Registry.

The policy details are specified in an html document or a pdf document or an image, which means the document can be located wherever it can be accessed, Internet, Intranet and any file servers within the organization.

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eDeclaration can be used as a notice board by the network administrators or managing directors where all important messages are guaranteed to be read if the user has to log on the network. It can be used as a screen saver displaying policies or messages frequently.

Here is the list of features of eDeclaration.

What can we do for you?

We can help you to get eDeclaration installed with no charges.

We can help you to get your prepared policies presented well with eDeclaration at a reasonable price.

If your policies have been prepared, send the document to us and we will prepare it in the html format document. If you are happy about, we will just charge you a reasonable price. Please contact us for more details.

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