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We Can Save Enough Money For Holidays

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The cost of living has become more expensive these days. We are paying our mortgage or rent, our electricity or gas bill, our telephone bill, our car expenses, insurance and the most important is our groceries. But most of us only have one or two incomes. To ensure we can have enough money for holidays, we have to have a family budget.

The budget is used to measure how much income we have, how much cost of living is and where we can save or use less.

Once we have a budget, we need to stick to it. One of the costs that is easy to get out of control is our grocery shopping. When we go to a supermarket or a store, we can buy whatever we want; we can buy how much we want. More interestingly, we usually buy most of which only cost less than 5 dollars. However when we go to the casher with trolley load of goods, we realize these things cost us several hundred dollars. Sometimes we just buy the basic foods that can knock our completely off our budget. Don't even think about buying the extras, like all the really good things we like to eat.

We have to go to the supermarket or the store every week to buy groceries because we continuously run out of food. How can we keep and have groceries without going off our budget?

The first thing is to get ourselves prepared. We can use Shoppingmate to prepare our shopping list in which we can know how much of the cost of our groceries. While preparing the shopping list, we can check when the items were purchased, how much they cost and where we brought them. One of the advantages of using Shoppingmate is that we can have this information in place so we can decide what have to buy before shopping.

The second thing is that we create a shopping list with Shoppingmate for all basic items that we have to buy. Then we can create different lists for different occasions such as birthdays, Christmas and Easter etc. With Shoppingmate, we can know how much cost of basic items and the extras. We can prepare.

The third advantage of using Shoppingmate is that we donít need to go to each store to search for the better price of the goods. All of these have been recorded in Shoppingmate if they have been purchased. We also can use the different grocery ads from each supermarket or store to prepare our grocery list. We can buy what we need from each one of them on sale or cheaper. This will allow us to get more groceries from spending less money. Also we can get some of those extra goodies that we usually do without since most of our money go toward the basic food items we need. How we get off our budget and can't stay on one is when we go to one store and buy everything from there. Using several different stores you will get more for less money and this will allow you to stay on your budget and get more groceries at the same time.

How to manage our budget is important in our life. To do it we need to have a right tool, to keep ourselves disciplined and to shop smartly. Lets use Shoppingmate and save money for our holidays!

Squares Solutions Company
July 2007

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